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Yes, I wrote a book.

I stand behind the ideas. The writing, there's a story...
  • FAQ: The Details
  • What's it called?
  • It's called "Marketing Made Easy". Ironically, I didn't get any input on the title, cover design or rear cover notes... and the Press seems to have somehow skipped including all the nice marketable endorsements I obtained from friendly CEOs etc (including a rather nice intro, kindly written by Harvard professor and famous Venture Capitalist, Felda Hardymon. Sorry Felda, it wasn't my choice!) 

  • Who's publishing it?
  • It is published by Entrepreneur Press, the press side of the same great people who bring us Entrepreneur Magazine. Distributed by McGraw Hill. In bookstores near you now. They actually ended up publishing almost the rough draft (longer story), so while I stand behind the ideas, I apologize in advance for the faulty parallelism, etc.

Someone actually paid you to write something?
Amusingly enough, yes
. I'm used to being paid for doing things, and I think the book's content is useful, but I'm hardly George Will. Or, for that matter, Terry Pratchett or Neil Gaiman (to whom I owe quite a few debts of gratitude. Gents, there's a few beverages waiting for you, call me).

Is it just a reprint of your old Blog, or musings?
For better or worse, no. While I'd like to think it maintains some of the Attitude (capitalization intended), the book is intended to be a positive, useful, step-by-step guide for entrepreneurs (both standalone and those inside larger organizations), to ensure that they don'tend up featured on this site...

Here's the marketing pitch from the original book proposal:

Marketing Made Easy provides a real world based, straightforward, cost-effective step-by-step guide to creating customer awareness and sales for their business.

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur seeking to establish or expand your market presence or an experienced businessperson who wants to add marketing skills to your portfolio if you’ve ever wanted to be noticed, but thought you didn’t have the resources to compete with the "big boys", this book will be a must-have.

Marketing Made Easy features:
Straightforward guides to building marketing programs
 Comprehensive treatment of the entire marketing cycle, from planning to implementation, competition, retention, and more
Sophisticated tools and techniques explained in plain language
Real-world anecdotes and practical examples from inside some of the world’s most successful start-up companies

Read Marketing Made Easy and understand how you can move from back room to boardroom; from garage band to global brand, using just your brain and tools you have around your own home.

So, what's the story behind the book?
Over a decade ago, I sat through the core Marketing classes at one of the top business schools in the country, and left unsatisfied. The concepts all sounded great, but after listening, I still didn't know how to apply them.

I wanted a short, practical guide on "what are six steps I need to take to market my product?"

I never found that guide -- so at the urging of various colleagues and the folks at Entrepreneur Magazine, I wrote one.

The book is short and practical. It draws on my own experience at a few retail startups, CDnow (Amazon), Netscape, RealNetworks, Inktomi and VMware, as well as on colleagues' experience.

Kind of a generic title, no?

Well, you see, Entrepreneur Press has this series called "Made Easy", so it had to have that in the title. The book is for entrepreneurial thinkers, inside or outside of established companies. I like "Marketing", it's descriptive and shows up in search terms.

How can I buy it?
Ah, I thought you'd never ask.
Click here. Tell your friends.


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